Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You did it!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the first ever Sarah's Covenant Homes' online auction a success.  You helped raise over $1500 for the children at SCH!!


We'll be shipping off packages all week, but the fun doesn't end there. We'll be blogging later about a wonderful woman who is hosting a 31 party for SCH. (They have the cutest products!).  And we'll be reminding everyone periodically about the wonderful people who gave donations to this year's auction. We really hope that when you do your Christmas shopping this year that you'll shop with a purpose and help support these local men and women.

Right now, though, we have to finish packing up items and getting them out in the mail.

Thanks again to everyone who participated this year. We're already planning next year's auction!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Final Donations

The 2011 SCH Auction is underway! If you haven't been over to check things out, please do so at

The auctions runs through Monday, October 24 at 12 noon CST.

We've received a few last minute donations!  Thanks again to everyone who is helping make the auction a success!

Oh, and just to remind everyone, 100% of the funds raised (minus Paypal fees, but you can send a check if you want to avoid the fees), will go to SCH.  We will collect the money and then send it directly to SCH.


Do you dread putting up your Christmas tree each year because your daughter begs on hanging up all her homemade Justin Bieber ornaments and your 8 year old can't see why he can't decorate it with Angry Bird keychains?

Do you sometimes get those 3pm sugar cravings while sitting at your desk and wish your office had a small tree decorated with those delicious Lindt chocolate balls?

Maybe you have a lonely neighbor who could use some Christmas cheer. Or you know someone in a nursing home and you'd like to brighten their day.

These 18" Christmas tinsel trees are perfect!  Let your kids have their own tree to decorate. Make it a craft project for your pre-k class. Bring the Christmas spirit to your corner office and some smiles to that lonely neighbor or relative in a nursing home.

We have  three colors available and several in stock!  Donated by Auctions for a Cause.

Yee haw! Giddy up, Cowboy!  This cowboy wall hanging and set of 3 cowboy hooks will go perfect in your  little one's room or a Western themed bathroom. And the hooks would be perfect for hanging up those Winter jackets and scarves. 

Now, head 'em up and move 'em out! Head on over to the auction and start bidding right now! Pronto!

Donated by Lori P.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet the SCH Girls Who Donated to the Auction!

Sarah emailed me some pictures tonight of the girls who helped string the necklaces and garlands together for the auction.

The doorway garlands were made by Meghan and Amanda with some help from Wendy.

The faux pearl necklaces were made by Amanda, Hope, Glory, and Meghan.

The flower vases (made from coconut oil bottles) were made by Wendy.

Alesa, Christina, and Rachel hand stitched the little bows for hair decorations.

The pom poms were actually made by some of the teachers for a party at SCH.

And the beautiful painting was made by Hannah.

We're still working on uploading the files, but they should be ready soon!

Donations from the Kids at Sarah's Covenant Homes!

We received a large box of donations from SCH yesterday. The older girls at SCH have been hard at work stringing together little plastic "pearl" necklaces and flower garlands to decorate doors.

Wendy, Hope, Glory, Dhivena, Amanda, Amulya, and Meghan have worked so hard at making these donations. Won't you bid on them to show them how much you appreciate all their effort?  Personally, we can't imagine the patience, time, and skill that it takes to string everything together. But these precious older girls, all with special needs, did it with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

These will be up on the auction site later tonight. It's a busy day of errands here at Auctions for a Cause. However, we wanted to go ahead and post these on the blog so that, perhaps, it would make your morning just like it did ours!

Two Inspiring Sisters with One Gigantic Cause

Over the course of setting up this auction and gathering donations, we've had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people and making new friends. We're especially touched, though, when we receive donations from children.

There's just something about a child or a teenager donating their time to help out children across the world. Too often, kid's today get a bad rap. We only hear about the bad stuff. But today we want to spotlight an amazing young teen who is battling a life-shortening disease, but who still gave her time to create and donate 5 beautiful pieces of jewelry to help out the children at Sarah's Covenant Homes.

I'll let her mom tell you her story...


In May of 2010 our lives changed forever with two very strange word's, Friedreich's Ataxia. We took our daughter Natalie to the hospital because her chest was hurting. Natalie had a rare heart condition called Hypotrophic Cardiomyopathy (heart disease). Natalie was admitted to the hospital because of her cardiac enzymes being elevated. It turned out that Natalie had an infection and she was just sick from it. It would clear up and she would be fine.

However, while in the hospital the doctors asked us about Natalie's unsteadiness. You see, Natalie has always been a bit clumsy but the eye doctor told us that it was because her eyes were offset and she saw the world unevenly. She tripped ALL the time but when she had this infection she couldn't even walk a straight line. The doctors searched a bit more and then they found that she has absolutely NO reflexes and they also found she had Scoliosis. They put it all together and told us she had Friedreich's Ataxia (FA).

FA is a progressive neuro muscular disease. Progressive meaning it is slowly robbing her muscles of their abilities. They told us that Natalie would probably be in a wheelchair within 5 years and not live past her 20-30's because of her genetic code of numbers show a more rapid progression.

But we know that only GOD is in control of Natalie's life. Her days were numbered before we heard her diagnosis and that number didn't change. God knows the life He has planned for her and for us. Natalie is beautiful and full of life! She works so hard at staying strong. She works out 3 times a week at Physical Therapy and does exercises at home. She is fighting this disease and it isn't ruling her life.

Natalie, along with her younger sister, Naomi, has started making beautiful pieces of jewelry to raise awareness about Friedreich's Ataxia. It can take Natalie quite a while to string together just one necklace, but she and Naomi have joined together to create and donate FIVE necklaces to the SCH auction.

Natalie and Naomi, we are so grateful for your donation. You both are bright shining stars and we know that God has big plans for the two of you!

** If you are interested in buying one of Natalie's necklaces separately from the auction, please contact us at and we will get you in contact with Natalie's mom, Donna. Each necklace sells individually for $20.**

Black and white "Zebra" Necklace with toggle clasp.  20".

21" Green, White, and Black necklace with toggle clasp.

Gorgeous Turquoise and Black bead necklace with toggle clasp. 21 inches

Beautiful 18" turquoise and black necklace.

21" amber and brown necklace with tear drop pendant and heart toggle clasp.

Cloth Diapers and Prints and Cute Shirt, Oh My!

Our first day of the auction was a great success! We've had some wonderful bids on some wonderful items, but there are still A LOT that don't have any bids.  Let's make sure that we recognize the effort that everyone has put into making this idea a reality... and let's start bidding!

Here are some more donations that have just come in. They should be up on the auction site sometime this morning. Thanks to all who've donated!

Need the auction link again? It's


"We looked then we saw him step in on the mat. We looked and we saw him. The Cat in the Hat!"

This cute set of 10 Dr. Seuss bottle cap magnets was made by a 6 year old former orphan from India who now has a passion to help current orphans in India. 

Set of 8, new in package, Pinless Contoured Cloth Diaper by Dappi. Size Large (over 24 pounds). Velcro fasteners.  Donated by Emily.

The following matte framed original prints were taken by Dallas based artist Molly Feighner, founder of Maili Productions. Ms. Feighner is a professional Graphic Artist, photographer and currently studies web design. She has received awards from the Susan J. Komen Dallas affiliate, the AIGA and the International ESSIE photography awards.

Untitled, Silver Gelatin Print. Bartonville, TX. Sculpture Study. 4x6 print in a 14x11 matte frame.

Untitled monochromatic color print. Garden District, New Orleans.  Pre-Katrina color study. 6x4 print in an 11x14 matte frame.

Untitled Silver Gelatin Print. Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Pre-Katrina Perspective Study. 6x4 print in a 14x11 matte frame.

Untitled, Silver Gelatin Print. Garden District, New Orleans. Pre-Katrina. 6-x4 print an 11x14 matte frame.

Title "Hope". Silver gelatin print taken in Kansas City, Missouri. Sculpture study. 4x6 print in an 11x14 matte frame.

Oooh la la! This black long-sleeved thermal tee is Tres Jolie!  Embroidered with the Eiffel Tower, this adorable shirt comes with a matching bow. Make sure your petite fille is the cutest on the block with this magnifique shirt made and donated by Tristan from RhinestoneRainbow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let the Auction Begin!

Today's the day! The 2011 Auction for a Cause (benefiting Sarah's Covenant Homes in India) starts today at 6am CST and ends next Monday, October 24th, at 12 noon CST.

The link to the auction is below. (You'll need to cut and paste the address).

This is the link that will take you directly to the auction site. This is also the link that you can use to spread the word via Facebook, blogs, yahoogroups, and email.

If for some reason the site asks you for an auction id and password, the auction id is auctionsforacause and the password is india.

You will also need to sign up at and get your own personal id and password in order to bid on any of the items.

And we certainly hope you're planning on bidding!

We'll be back in the evening with more donations!

P.S. Don't forget to visit our Facebook page HERE.